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How do you both rebrand a local Jewelry shop and virally grow its email database?

Sales and Marketing came up with a sweepstakes, and JCM Studio sketched out and creative directed a social media app that would allow users to vote for their favorite piece of SA jewelry's upscale 2026 collection and enter them into a contest. To vote, you'd need to share your favorite piece on Facebook, Twitter or email. An Art Director also designed an upscale catalogue of the collection that could be downloaded on the app's landing page.

The results were that not only did we add more users to SA Jewelry's database; but they were concurrently sharing their favorite pieces and propagating both the products and the sweepstakes all over social media, virally. The App was so successful, it was turned into one of a suite of social media marketing products JCM Studio had designed, that Sales would offer our clients and later use in other campaigns.

Services: Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Social Media Marketing.