1-800-Flowers.com Interactive Press Kits

Mother’s Day is the biggest Holiday of the year for 1-800-FLOWERS.com; how do you take their old school print press catalogue and turn it into an interactive experience that both excites members of the press and showcases your products?

JCM Studio partnered with 18F’s Creative Director and the PR department to bring the Press Kit into the digital age. No more paper; instead the press would receive specially-designed USB drives branded in 18F’s specific colors. Within, a self-launching interactive presentation would showcase all products in the collection. It would include full descriptions of each as well as downloadable hi-res images and copy the press could start using right away.

The results were not only a more exciting experience that hoisted the brand into the digital era; but also less overhead in not having to print and mail out multiple multi-page catalogues. We also cut out the man hours and time it would take to individually send out requested images/copy to members of the press. Even better, if a product were to change in any way; we could edit the collection on-the-fly since the catalogue lived in the cloud.

The press kit was such a success that 18F would continue to have JCM Studio create more press kits going forward. These would get more sophisticated using XML and differing delivery methods.

Services: Interactive Design, Art Direction, Digital Strategy, XML.