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Shutterstock — Oscar Pop!

How do you draw inspiration from world famous iconic pop artists to reimagine movie posters for the Academy Award Best Picture nominees?

Shutterstock’s talented in-house designers each channelled the style and aesthetic of a particular artist to recreate one of the eight nominated films using imagery from Shutterstock’s library.

In 2019 I tackled "Roma" — I went for a 1970’s Jack "King" Kirby cover and kept the elements in black and white – both like the film and the sketches Kirby would make before illustrating his characters in color. In the poster, Cleo is steadfast despite the impending riot and crashing waves that threaten to overtake her.

In 2020; for the World War I film "1917" by Sam Mendes, I was inspired by David Carson, an American graphic designer, art director, and surfer. Best known for his innovative magazine design and use of experimental typography on Ray Gun magazine; his aesthetic defined the so-called ‘grunge typography’ era. I decided to use Carson’s layered, chaotic style to depict the ‘fog of war’ and how planning and order go out the window in battle.”

The result was worldwide coverage and acclaim from magazines such as AdAge, The Drum and Design Jungle, culminating in 2019 with our team winning Graphic Design USA magazine's 'American Graphic Design Award' for "best Poster series".

Services: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Print Design.