• $1 Billion in contributor Earnings video
  • $1 Billion in contributor Earnings
  • $1 Billion in contributor Earnings

Shutterstock - $1 Billion in contributor Earnings


Shutterstock had reached a milestone of $1 billion in paid earnings to their global community of artists, photographers, videographers and musicians. They wanted to celebrate this by creating an infographic that showcased how global this was by showing earnings by region, highest-growth countries, and featuring key local artists.

Instead of a flat image; since this was being hosted on a blog, I thought; "why not make it an actual interactive page with video and live text". Working with a senior visual designer, a motion designer and a dev team; as well as with the Contributor team to denote which countries, contributors, numbers to feature -- we were able to turn what was originally just an image into a more robust experience.

Design-wise, we leaned into graphical styles and imagery endemic to the countries and regions they featured. We also translated this into 21 languages to further highlight how international this all was. See live page.

Even though this was more for publicity and did not have a revenue objective, only a month after launch it had driven $121K in sales through assisted revenue. It also gave organic SEO boosts to the featured artists; and lastly was one of Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer's projects he was proudest of.

Services: Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, UX/UI